The Cheesesteak Life

Clothes for the cheesesteak lover!!

Mr Cheesey approved

Mr. Cheesey

The Cheesesteak Life clothing brand revolves around our mascot, Mr. Cheesey. In this collection he is stands proud and cheesey.

Mr Cheesey tailgating in his Kelce jersey

Cheesey Eagles Fan

Mr. Cheesey tailgating before an Eagles game. He’s looking great in his lucky jersey and holding the Super Bowl trophy.

Cheesey History

Cheesey History

Cheesesteaks & History! Mr. Cheesey loves strolling around Olde City dressed like Ben Franklin. Ben’s signature kite is a nice touch.

Mr Cheesey enjoying the beach while a lady cheesesteaks is catching some rays.

Cheesey Beach

Suns Out, Cheesesteaks Out!! Mr. Cheesey enjoying a great day ‘Down the Shore.’  Boating, boardwalk and/or soaking up some sun rays.

Mr Cheesey hosting a Bar-B-Que

Cheesey Bar-B-Que

Please don’t eat the cook, or his Cheesey Dog, at this Cheesey Bar-B-Que. The tree house is decorated properly with a ‘Dallas Sucks’ sign.

Amigo Dan with the Cheesey cup

Amigo Dan

Amigo Dan is understated. He likes Little logos and Mr. Cheesey’s on the front of his clothes. Big cheesey scenes go on the back!! 

Dallas Sucks

Dallas Sucks!! I think that says it all

Cheesey Accessories

We need more Cheesey things in our lives


Here’s your chance to be the cool parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle/friend you always dreamt you would be. Onesies can be found in every collection. Except Amigo Dan. He dropped my daughter on her head when she was a baby.

Events & Workshops

March Cheesesteak Madness

64 cheesesteaks in, One winner out. Actually we crown two champions, A People’s Champion and a Judge’s Champion.


Nothing here yet


Nothing here yet

Connect with Us

This may become Fishnets and Cheesesteaks. The button works. I don’t know how to change the picture.

This will be changing.

Children’s clothes, interesting designs and comfortable fit. If I can figure out how to separate kid’s clothes in collections. It will be here

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure is the very best channel on YouTube!!

– Jim Pappas

Jim was awesome on Fox 29 Good Day Philly

– Jim Pappas

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